Cherry, just wont stop
Phil is my fav animal forever!

Phil is my fav animal forever!

I love my friends, I love my family. I love my pets. I love myself.
Im reall full of love today!

I love my friends, I love my family. I love my pets. I love myself.

Im reall full of love today!




He has a record of killing us an they hired him back and put him in a community that’s mainly black?!?!?! I CANNOT.


two pics from my nsfw blog for my friends cherryqueenx and leadhooves made sfw cauz I really like how they came out haha

left is drawn completly with photoshop and the right one with sai

proof that Im better with coloring in photoshop

you can watch the nsfw ones here

>8,Y The sexies <3

Warning to anyone who uses deviantART! [PLEASE REBLOG]



If you get a note like this from this guy, ignore it. Delete it. If you ask what his daughter likes, he’ll try sending you a very suspicious folder with random art in it, as well as a virus.


Please spread this around because someone who doesn’t know any better can really wind up getting screwed over. Thank you!


Protest, BBQ, Voter Reg, Music— community is alive and well in Ferguson. #staywoke #insolidarity #farfromover

Sand is the worst thing you can get for a gecko because it can cause problems while they eat. The best option would be to either get tile for the bottom, or just simple paper towels (Easier to clean with!)

Yes! i read about sand before! And the only reson my mother bought it was becous she was recomended it and it sayd it was totaly safe fore gekcos. I was a bit conserned and scaned through the internet for revievs. Turns out the product should not even be for sale. Right now im sticking with paper towel and pebbles!

Special delivery for bakery hiddenwhite&#160;! Nsfw, enter at own risk &gt;8,D

Special delivery for bakery hiddenwhite ! Nsfw, enter at own risk >8,D

You should draw a Japanese cave gecko! I'd love to see one in your art style! ;w;

Oh wow! these guys r super cool! I would not be surprized if they started breathing fire! Its a tiny dwagon <8,Y


i’ve been looking thru hundreds of photos of 90s furry conventions for the past few days

Substance removed, gecko safe!

Calsium sand

It apears that mom bought baby leopard gecko Calsium sand and its now in half of the tank. My reserch shows that calsium sand is extreamely dangerus to geckos and should not be sold at all, to geckos to walk on. Is it safe to keep him on the substance for tonight? or Do i have to remove it directly? I Thought i had starteled him enough for today and im not sure if i should bother him until tomorow?

Got this lil leopard gecko at the reptile convention yesterday! Im a first time reptile owner but iw goten pretty informed on how to care for these guys from the internet! This is a temporary setup, since we did not have acces to all the needed material yesterday, but im pretty sure he will be fine for now! Im super exited for this guy, and I hope we get to spend many years together!